Werner Nantahala Paddle


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The Nantahala offers an excellent balance of power and a smooth stroke. Its fiberglass blade is designed to be versatile for recreational and whitewater canoeing.
- Dihedral and softer symmetrical blade has a greater catch with smooth forward and reverse strokes
- Fiberglass shaft with oval index adds control and comfort
- An enhanced ABS T-grip is designed for maximum control and greater durability.

Surface Area 1182 sq cm
Blade Length x Width 55 x 21.5 cm
Weight for 58in (Guide Stick 66in) 751g/26.5oy
Recommended Length 54-62 in
Available Lengths 48-62in


Create a custom fitting paddle to increase your performance, reduce your fatigue and have more fun on the water. All recreational canoe paddles come standard with our symmetrical blade design; our lightweight fiberglass shaft and ABS T-grip. You choose the correct paddle length based on your height and boating style. Then use your height and boat width to determine the correct paddle length. Visit Werner's Fit Guide to customize your paddle.


Symmetrical Canoe Blade Shape
- Our Recreational Canoe paddles have a symmetrical shape with the same design features on both the front and back, and soft edges for exceptional versatility.

Shaft & T Grip
- The shaft is durable fiberglass construction which is light weight
- An oval index for added control
- An enhanced ABS T-grip is designed for maximum control and greater durability

Correct Length
- Contact your local retail sales staff or paddling club for exact sizing information. They will be most familiar with your craft and paddling style.
- Note: 56"+ 58" lengths fit 80% of all whitewater canoeists.

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