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The X.BLADE paddle concentrates all our technological expertise.
The blades are extremely thin, curved and responsive, offering a moderate blade flex for a very stable and comfortable swipe through the water.
The X.BLADE is a very lightweight paddle, entierly made of prepreg carbon.



Available Sizes
X.BLADE dimension (cm) Surface (cm²)
550 48 x 15,5 550
590 49 x 16,3 590
590 49 x 16,3 590
660 49 x 19 660
720 50,5 x 19,8 720

Material : Full Carbon

Blades design


Straight shaft 
Straight Carbon Shaft

Ergonomic shaft
Ergo carbon shaft

ovalized prepreg tubeAll straight shafts are oval and available in fixed or adjustable mode. (S-Lock 2 system from 195 to 230) with unlimited feather angle.

X.Blade Ajustable SL 369,0 €
X.Blade Ajustable QL 349,0 €
X.Blade Mono 329,0 €

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