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A Polyethylene Sea Kayak That Takes Day & Weekend Trips Seriously.

The Virgo is a compact but uncompromising sea kayak for weekend warriors, at a length which provides ample hull speed for short to medium journeys whilst keeping the boat weight to a minimum, making it easier to handle all the way from lifting it off the car, through a trip full of unique experiences, to lifting it back onto the car at the end of a great adventure.

The compact design and a defined carving rail combine to give responsive manoeuvrability for exploring varied coastline environments, and high stability ensures you can venture into the unknown with confidence too.

Packing in all the essential features you'd expect of any other sea kayak in the P&H range, including a low-profile back deck for easy rolling and re-entry, and the option of a Bow Mini Hatch just in front of the paddler, round out the Virgo's design to make it something that'll be a pleasure both to own and paddle.


MZ3 Skeg 
MZ3 Skudder 
CoreLite X Skeg
CoreLite x Skudder

Additional Options
  • Mini Hatch
  • Silva 70p Compass
  • Sail System

Key Features

A V-hull cuts cleanly through the water and tracks beautifully but softens towards the centre of the boat for comfortable stability and easy release.

Moderate rocker allows the Virgo to pick up and carry speed efficiently when flat but swing around effortlessly on edge.

Hard chines engage for carving performance when edging into the turn.

A moderately steep bow ensures a high proportion of the length acts as effective waterline for hull speed.

Flared bow edges give a dry ride through choppy water and lift the boat over waves on the paddle out from the shore.

Carefully planned bow deck geometry provides stiffness and strength for deep water rescues.

A low, ergonomically shaped rear deck allows easy rolling and re-entry, with a paddle shaft recess for bracing during entry.

Bulkheaded bow and stern main hatches with market-leading KajakSport hatch covers for secure storage and a reliable seal.

Functional details such as split paddle recesses, a drop-forged, anodised aluminium security point, a paddle park, and a full complement of deck lines and bungees.

P&H's famously comfortable, highly-adjustable and reliable Connect outfitting.

Standard Colours



Ocean Turquoise



Length 443cm
Width 58.5cm
Volume 313l
Deck Size Large
CoreLite X 23.5kg
CoreLite X 24.5kg
Max Paddler Weight 100kg
Features & Options
Hatches Bow, Stern, Mini
Control Skeg, Skudder
Custom Colour Deck Lines & Elastics Black, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Bright Blue, Navy, Grey
Other Silva 70p Compass, Sail System

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