TiZip Lubricant 8 gr


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12,00 € tax incl.
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Lubricant for waterproof plastic zips, used on wetsuits, drysuits, immersion suits for kayaking, sailing, diving and other watersports activities.


Suitable for:
TiZip WaterSeal
TiZip Easy
TiZip SuperSeal
TiZip Rescue Seal
TiZip Masterseal10
...and other zips that require silicone grease based lubricant.
TiZip zippers need to be lubricated from time to time. Lubricate your zipper regularly between uses, and before putting your zip away for long term storage (with the slider closed).

In case of dirt or sand in the chain, the zipper may not have the expected tightness, and therfore dryness.
TiZip recommend cleaning with soap and water.
Please thoroughly rinse with clear water afterwards.
Especially if you use TiZip zippers to protect technical devices or even as life-protection, the TiZip zipper should be thorougly cleaned before use.

Step 1 - Before applying the lubrification, please open the zipper completely.
Step 2 - Apply a small amount of the lube about every four inches on the zipper chain, including the dock end.
Step 3 - Open and close the zipper over it's complete length to spread the lube evenly. If there are dry sections, apply some more.
Step 4 - Wipe off excessive lube with a dry cloth.

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