Three Waves Ear Plugs


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Three waves Ohrchutz kit for customized ear plugs for the water sports area of ​​high-quality silicone, self-made. The delivered in the set 2K putty forms the pinna in a short time (10 minutes from Anmischprozess to the finished individual ear protection) accurately and protects the inner ear convenient and comfortable against the ingress of cold water, the cooling of the ear canal and the known issues of the " Surfers Ear ", and protects against injuries of the eardrum in the ear violent impacts on the water such. as kitesurfing.

By accurate casting, the undercuts present in the ear, holding the individually formed sculptures depressurise and safely in place. The understanding is somewhat limited, but still no problem. As our plugs must not be pressed into the ear canal and thereby sealing the ear canal and the understanding dadruch extremely difficult.

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