Sweet Protection Bearsuit Elbow Pads


99,95 € tax incl.
99,95 € tax incl.
This product is no longer in stock

Protect your elbows with a Sweet Protection ‘bear hug’.
The Bearsuit Elbowpads offer fantastic protection with the use of SAS-TEC SC-1 and Aramid materials.
The Bearsuit Elbowpads come with super grippy, elastic neoprene zones above and below the joints, making sure that the pads will not slip off or twist – even on impact.
The Elbowpads come with adjustable top strap and great ventilation making them super comfortable for all day riding.
Please note that the Bearsuit Elbowpads are designed to hug your arms so they will initially feel much closer fitting than other styles of pads.

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