Dagger Katana Action


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For the adventurer who is drawn to the excitement of whitewater, but who wants the freedom to paddle further, the Katana will glide through rapids and calm water, with room in the stern for a full compliment of expedition gear.

COLOURS: Red, Lime, Blue, Yellow

MATERIALS: Super-linear high density polyethylene


- Safety step out wall
- Mini-cell foam sealed bulkhead
- Rubber webbing carry handles and anodised aluminium security bar
- Fore and aft deck elastics
- Soft case storage bag and bottle holder straps
- Moulded drain bung
- Outfitting kit for personalisation incl. seat booster seat pad
- Contour Ergo Creeker
- Contour Ergo seat pad
- Contoured hip pads
- Leg lifter
- Adjustable Contour Ergo backrest
- Thigh brace mounted double ratchet adjustment
- Precision adjustable thighbrace
- Full plate bulkhead footbrace
- Spring loaded drop-down skeg
- Large oval domed rear hatch

Model Length Width Deck height Cockpit size Weight Max capacity Volume
9.7 292 cm 65 cm 34 cm 90 x 51 cm 21 kg 102 kg 299 L
10.4 315 cm 69 cm 38 cm 94 x 52 cm 24 kg 136 kg 393 L

Spraydeck size:

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