Bravo Turbo Max 12 V


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Voltage: 12V DC
Capacity: 1000 l/min
Pressure: 250 mbar
Consumption: 45 to 60A

This 12V inflator can inflate large rubber dinghies in a few minutes. Capacity 1000L/min. Pressure 250 mbar (3.6 psi) A 7-meter rubber dinghy can be inflated in 7 minutes.
This inflator has been tested at length before being put on the market and has demonstrated a very high level of flexibility and reliability.

* Pressure can be regulated from 175 and 250 mbar with AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF
* Equipped with 2 powerful motors on bearings mounted on an aluminum plate to disperse the heat
* High performance 3-meter cable
* Tube with diameter increased to 3 meters
* Safety fuse
* Inflates and deflates

Very flexible: it can inflate large chambers and small objects.

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