Kober Vulcano & Zombie EFC


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Powerful, unstoppable, green - with this new whitewater paddle all advantages of the EFC-technology (Entire Foam Core) are now available in low-price fibreglass construction.

More volume in the blade for enhanced buoyancy even in air filled water. Bracing and rolling are made much easyer..

Even, hydrodynamically perfect cross-section (without any impairing ribs and edges) for a balanced performance. No flutering, no splashing will occur. he combination of stiff, light-weight blades with a tracking fin at the front side and the flat yellow voluminous backside make the Zombie EFC a highly efficient performer. Available in two blade sizes: M, L.

application WW
colour lime
blade material fiberglas EFC
shaft straight fiberglas, M: Ø 29 mm or L: Ø 30 mm, oval
ergo shaft carbon, Ø 30 mm, oval
feather angle 45° R/L
weight 980 g
weight ergo 1050 g
length 191-203 cm, in steps of 3 cm
blade size 47,5 x 20,0 cm

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