Werner Grand Prix


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Designed and manufactured specifically for racing the Grand Prix F1000 features a full-size blade; perfect for larger well-conditioned paddlers. Our most advanced blade designs including a buoyant paddle blade with a smooth back face offering a powerful forward stroke and effortless maneuvering strokes.

  • Ultimate performance with an exceptionally light, buoyant and quiet feel on the water.
  • Progressive full-size rectangular blade, ideal for larger, well-conditioned paddlers, allows for incremental power with less immediate catch for an easier, gentler feel on the body.
  • Optimized flex and strength. Choose our carbon Straight or Bent shaft.
  • The volume of the buoyant, full carbon, blade creates an exceedingly light feel for effortless and confident strokes.
  • Dihedral allows for smooth forward and directional paddling.
  • Smooth back face allows for a quieter catch and effortless exit of the stroke.
  • Thin ABS reinforced blade edge knifes cleanly in and out of the water.
  • Optimized blade-to-shaft offset at 12 degrees, allows for a more vertical blade position which increases power throughout the stroke and less lift at the exit.
  • Full carbon Palm-grip is designed for maximum control and light weight.
  • Recommended for racing. We do not recommend this paddle for surfing or whitewater.

Three sizes blade: 86 - 93 - 100

1pc straight 499,99

1 pc Bent shaft 579,99

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