Dragorossi 88


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The 88 is an interesting departure from the classic Dragorossi lineup of creeking kayaks. It is at once a tip of the cap to times past, and a look to the future; the end result being the easiest to paddle, and most satisfying creek boat we have put out yet.

Dragorossi stands out amongst all the manufacturers in that our very first creek boats, the Mafia and Critical Mass, are as relevant today as they was when they came out 10 years ago.

This ability to look forward and predict design and paddling styles to come is applied once more in the 88, but because we're looking forward, it is nothing like the boats we have designed in the past. It's uncanny stability, not just in flatwater, but stable when sitting on those unpredictable boils at the base of a drop when you need to be thinking about other things than staying upright in one of its amazing traits.
Combine this with the ability to turn with just a flick of the paddle, boof with no more effort than almost pure will alone, and carry a predictable and simple line through even the most chaotic rapids is what separates this fantastic kayak from all others.

Once we had the performance figured out, we decided to take a look back at history. The history and evolution of the first plastic kayaks in the 1970's and 1980's, and Dragorossi as an iconic Italian brand and all that "being Italian" means.

We looked at the graceful classic lines of Ducati racing motorbikes from era's past, and the simplicity of the early plastic kayaks that opened the doors to extreme kayaking, and we melded the two together to bring you what has been called "the most beautiful creek boat ever".

It’s the new DragoRossi Creek boat, ideal also for river running. It’s very fast and precise in the manoeuvres; great habitability also for heavy paddlers.

Al the outfitting system is completely new with new seat, footrest, backrest and kneebraces fully adjustable.

It comes standard with hip pads, seat pad, drain plug, 4 carry handles, 1 metal bar,front and back foam wall+PE, slot for PeliCase or WaterShread drybag. The 88 is the ultimate extreme creeker. Length 259 cm; width 65,5 cm; Volume 315 lt; weight 20 kg

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