Zegul SeaRocket


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The revolution of sea kayaking industry is here – The new Zegul Searocket is perfectly designed to come
closer to entry level paddlers with the increased stability, speed and maneuverability. This boat opens up
the opportunity to catch waves faster and stand out from crowd with confidence. The Zegul Searocket
has an exceptional hull design with a combination of high demanded construction, which makes the boat
acceptable for even beginners. Our Searocket can be considered as the peak of the sea kayaking with the
most innovative materials and latest technology.

Standard features: Light weight click-on hatches, thigh pads, aramide seam, rubber deck beads, rudder, retractable skeg
Optional features: Aramide reinforced keel strip, compass
Length: 550 cm (18′)
Width: 54 cm (21¼”)
Capacity approx.: 140 kg (309 lbs)
Cockpit: 82 x 42 cm (32¼” x 16 ½”)

A-CORE: 22–24 kg (49–53 lbs)
3D C-CORE: 19–21 kg (42–46 lbs)

Front, Round Hatch: 24 cm (10″)
Mini-box: Round Hatch: 15 cm (6″)
Day-hatch: Round Hatch: 15 cm (6″)
Rear, Oval Hatch: 44 x 26 cm (17″ x 10 ¼”)
Retractable skeg + rudder / rudder

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