SeaBird Black Pearl LV


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Designer: Björn Thomasson

Product Developer: Len Ystmark

Black Pearl LV fits paddlers up to approx. 85 kg. It may seem small at first glance, but trust traditional wisdom: after a short getting-used-to you will feel more relaxed and comfortable in the tight cockpit than clamped between supports in a large one. For lighter paddlers it may be a tad large, but it is still smaller and better fitting than most kayaks out there.

Diolen/Fiberglass/Core - 1924 EUR
Hybrid Carbon/Kevlar - 2313 EUR
Carbon - 3028 EUR

Carbon/Kevlar - 3028 EUR

Additional Info

  • Specifications:
    LengthWidthDepthInternal cockpitVolume

    546 cm (17´11´´)

    50 cm (19.7´´)

    23 cm (9´´)

    53x39 cm (20.9´´x15.4´´)

    222 L (58.6 US gal)


    Diolen/Fiberglass/CoreHybrid Carbon/KevlarCarbonCarbon/Kevlar
    20 kg (44 lbs) 19 kg (42 lbs) 18 kg (40 lbs) 17 kg (38 lbs)


    User characteristics:
    Paddler weight

    60 – 80 kg (132 – 176 lbs)

    padler w_60-80

    122 kg (269 lbs)



    Craft characteristics:
    Speed craft 8
    Initial stability craft 4
    End stability craft 4
    Stability in waves craft 6
    Course stability craft 6
    Maneuverability craft 9
    Packing volume craft 2


    Front Beckson round hatch 20 cm (8´´)
    Rear Beckson round hatch 20 cm (8´´)


    Standard features:

    Carbon/Kevlar ocean seat | Power Pedals PRO XI9 | KS-retractable skeg system pro

  • Colors:

    white c  black c  yellow c  red c

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