SeaBird Salt 55


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Designer: Björn Thomasson

Product Developer: Len Ystmark

The Salt 55 is a racer/trainer for intermediate paddlers or ambitious beginners. While significantly more stable than the Salt 51, the difference in top speed is surprisingly small and in touring pace negligible. For those not quite comfortable in Salt 51, the Salt 55 may even be faster overall, since stability makes it easier for the paddler to take full advantage of his or her technique and strength. The high quality of the construction and outfitting makes it a perfect intermediate club kayak.

Club - 1.924,00 EUR
Advantage - 2.313,00 EUR
Pro - 3.028,00 EUR

Additional Info

  • Specifications:
    LengthWidthDepthInternal cockpitVolume

    520 cm (17´1´´)

    55 cm (21.7´´)

    33 cm (13´´)

    105x40 cm (41.3´´x15.7´´)

    320 L (84.5 US gal)



    20 kg (44 lbs)

    19 kg (42 lbs)

    18 kg (40 lbs)


    User characteristics:
    Paddler weight

    60 – 90 kg (132 – 198 lbs)

    padler w_60-90

    122 kg (269 lbs)



    Craft characteristics:
    Speed craft 9
    Initial stability craft 6
    End stability craft 5
    Stability in waves craft 4
    Course stability craft 8
    Maneuverability craft 7
    Packing volume craft 3


    Standard features:

    Carbon racing seat | Carbon foot rest | Racing rudder

  • Colors:

    White hull/deck with black, red or blue color design

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