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GB IT Veloc Raptor  
Dolzina Length Lunghezza 245 cm 255 cm  
Volumen Volume Volume 280 l 303 l  
Odprtina Cockpit Pozzetto 88 x 50 91 x 51  
Teza Weight Peso 18 kg 19 kg  
Teza veslaca Wt. range Peso canoista 45 - 85 kg 65 - 120 kg  
Sirina Width Larghezza 65 cm 68 cm  

The VELOC extends ZET´s product line of whitewater kayaks. It´s inspired by previous creeker Raptor, but it comes with several important changes. They make Veloc even better whitewater kayak for mid-sized and smaller paddlers.

Veloc is ideally balanced and easy to control in difficult whitewater. More volume in front of the rider and slightly hove nose help the boat to fast and stable emerging from holes. You will appreciate it especially on smaller steeper rivers and creeks. Veloc´s volume is ideally arranged along all the length of the boat. Thanks to the flat hull it´s stable enough on rivers with bigger volume without loosing speed.

This kayak was designed by profesional ZET team and it´s made with the same technology and proceses as its ancestor. It guarantees high quality of the shell and accesories you are used to.

Inner outfit is practical and simple, that makes the boat lighter. You will also find elaborated holders of foam braces and a foam seat in Veloc, that saves paddler´s back during hard landings and decreases the weight of the boat.

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