Whetman Self Amalgamating Tape


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Self amalgamating tape will fuse and bind to itself within minutes once wrapped around. This is marine grade tape used by yachtsmen for generations to bind wire stays & rope. Once bound it fuses within a minute to a rubber watertight wrap. Can be applied to tidy rope ends, bind karabiners to rope/webbing, hold a split paddle joint firmly, secure loose buckles, it will insulate electrical wiring.

Very good electrical and physical properties. This tape amalgamates quickly when applied under tension providing a void free homogeneous wrapping without requiring external heat.
It is highly resistant to prolonged immersion in the water and has very good resistance to ozone.
When cut, the tape will remove cleanly from most surfaces allowing it to be used as a temporary insulation or protection.

​Also very useful in a water first aid kit to wrap around cut fingers!

​This conformable black non-adhesive polyisobutylene-based tape has strong elastic qualities and is backed by a thin film that can be stripped off cleanly and easily. When layers of the tape are stretched and laid in contact with each other, they merge together to effectively form a solid rubber part.


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