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Liquidlogic  started the 9-foot fast creeker river runner revival and the Alpha is their latest creation in the class. This machine has a large smooth transitioning bow rocker to gobble up holes and boofs while the center section of the hull is flatter to help with speed, stability, and agility. Longer boats no longer have to be hard to paddle. This baby is nimble! The subtle kick rockered stern profile is modeled after the Braaap which gives it a predictable quick carving fun feel on the water. If you are looking for a confidence-inspiring boat that can make your local run fun or take care of you on the hardest whitewater you paddle, give the Alpha a try.

How does the Alpha compare to the Delta V?

The Alpha is a longer platform coming in at 9'4" and 9'2" (not sure of official length at this point) where as the Delta Vs are 8'6" and 8'2". So the Alpha is a faster design but a big part of it's design intent was to make a nimble 9' boat. The Deltas make up for their shorter slower speed by being nimble and user friendly.

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