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The Wavesport Phoenix is a fast, forgiving and agile creek boat. The 9ft hull design provides a long waterline allowing you to carry your speed through all the features on the river. A high rocker profile at the bow allows you to take flight when boofing drops while the planning hull propels you forward carrying your speed, allowing you to focus on the next feature without worrying about the sticky hole you have just passed. The stern rocker makes the tail and hull super manoeuvrable enabling you to navigate tight boulder gardens with speed and precision.  

The Phoenix has been perfected through various proto-types to produce the ultimate final product. The seat has been moved backwards towards the stern and newly designed stern has been created to be wider, shorter and lower than other 9ft creekers. This alongside the stern edges helps you to keep directional tracking and speed when needed. By lowering the stern you are able to keep full control of the tail in big waters overall providing a wide super stable predictable platform which is fast, easy to control and supporting through your landings.

Wavesports Core WhiteOut outfitting provides all the comfort, connectivity and control that you are looking for before dropping in above your local run or your dream rapid. The Core WhiteOut seat has been specifically designed to make you as connected to the boat as you can be. The supportive and adjustable ratchet backband, foam hip pads and adjustable leg lifter allows you to engage your thighs with the adjustable thigh braces creating a snug fit within your kayak. All this alongside an auto-adjusting bulkhead footrest mean that you have maximum connectivity and are in total control of your kayak.

Whether you’re lapping your favourite section or pushing your limits in the Alps the Wavesport Phoenix will have you confidently navigating the river and skipping out of features.


CORE WhiteOut Outfitting – This outfitting system have been specifically designed to maximise contact with the kayak to ensure you have maximum control of the kayak. The CORE system incorporates easily adjustable seat with ratchet leg lifters as well as ratchet backrest, foam hip pads and auto-adjusting bulkhead footrest. As well as all the other standard features of the Phoenix.


Core Whiteout Outfitting

  • CORE WhiteOut Outfitting
  • CORE Creek Seat – Roto Moulded Tank Style
  • Safety Step-Out Wall – with Easy-Grip Handle
  • CORE Leg Lifter Control with 7.5cm of elevation
  • Ratchet Adjustable Backband
  • Multi-part Adjustable Thigh Braces
  • Multi-Adjustable WhiteOut Hip Pads
  • Bulkhead Foot Brace System – with Foam Padding
  • Multiple Cockpit Gear Loops
  • Security Grab Points
  • Includes – Optional Seat Booster Pad



  • Length: 272cm / 8ft 11in
  • Width: 68cm / 26.75in
  • Deck Height: 39cm / 15.25in
  • Cockpit: 92cm x 51cm / 36.5in x 20in
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