Whetmann Throwlines


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We have designed some throwlines that are very different to others available.

The priority in the design was to make thelightest throwline ever to be available and with the purpose to simply reach a swimmer and assist to a safer area. It is worth repeating this: to REACH a swimmer.

​Made in Devon, UK.
The throwline bag is made of heavy duty polyester canvas.
The closure is one buckle which can also be used to grip when throwing and when repacking
Fitted into the base of the bag is a float.
The line is connected to the bag via an integral webbing extender. This is bar tacked into the side of the bag and threads though a secret button hole to reveal on the outside as an attachment loop. There is no loop on the outside of the base of the bag - it is left clean.
It is easy to access the end of the line and if needed 
untie the line from the bag.
​The bag shape is designed to be open to allow easy exit of the rope in deployement. The shape is like a pop corn box offering a wide mouth for very easy repacking.

There are no elements on these bags such as eyelets or metal poppers that can corrode. These lines are suitable for marine applications such as coasteering and sea kayaking.
Belts loops are fitted to all throwlines to fit up to a 50mm webbing belt.

The Whetman Equipment WATER BELT can combine to offer a quick release waist belt. 

Line length 15 metres

​Line 8mm KERNMANTEL 16/16 braid polypropolene FLOATING ROPE

​Line strength 6600N
49,95 euro

Line length 20 metres

​Line 8mm KERNMANTEL 16/16 braid polypropolene FLOATING ROPE

​Line strength 6600N
54,95 euro

Line length 25 metres

Line 10mm KERNMANTEL 16/16 braid polypropolene FLOATING ROPE

Line strength 9800N
59,95 euro