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309,00 € tax incl.
309,00 € tax incl.
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Designed for slalom competitions, the Blast is a powerful, super smooth reactive paddle. Comfortable in any kind of conditions, it can also be used as a dedicated river paddle.
Blast standard is delivered with carbon blades and ergonomic carbon shaft (ova-lized tube).



Blades dimensions
Blast dimension (cm) surface (cm²)
Small 46 x 19 668
Medium 46.3 x 19.8 698
Large 46.8 x 20.4 702

Blades design


Straight Carbon shaft
Straight Carbon Shaft

Ergonomic carbon shaft 
Ergonomic Carbon Shaft

Triple torque carbon shaft 
Triple torque carbon shaft

ovalized prepreg tubeAvailable in fixed or adjustable mode.The Vario S-Lock can be adjusted over 10cm on straight shaft and 4cm on bent and triple torque shaft. The choice of the feather is infinite.

Blast Adjustable  329,0 €
Blast Mono 309,0 €

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