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Especialy designed for Fresstyle usage. The PULSE paddle is the powerfull aera-ted buoyant paddle « made by Select ! »Built in prepreg carbon « Foam core », PULSE paddle will propel you towards new freestyle heights.

The PULSE is a versatile paddle for white water paddling, which means that you can use it for any river activity : freestyle, creeking, playboat, creek.
There are 2 sizes available for the PULSE :
• 650 for standard builds.
• 710 for stronger builds.
The blades of the PULSE are only available in Carbon prepreg.

We suggest for the Pulse a 45° angle right or left angle, according to your preferences. However, you can order your paddle with a custom feather, with no extra charge. The feather is the degree angle of the paddle blades are off-set to each other.
Yes, the PULSE is delivered with a paddle grip built in the shaft .

There are two kinds of shafts for the PULSE :
• The carbon straight one.
• The ergonomic carbon one.
The ergonomic bent shaft brings a better grip comfort than the straight shaft. It enables you to keepyour wrists aligned with your arms and to reduce joint stress on them.

You can choose among several options for your PULSE :
• Fixed or Mono: This option means that you have no displaceable adjusting system on your PULSE. The length is ?xed. This ?xed system is recommended in Wave Ski, as the paddle is really short and comes close to the knees.
• Vario S-Lock System :The Vario S-Lock can be adjusted over 10 cm on straight shaft and 4 cm on ergonomic bent shaft. The choice of the feather is in?nite. It also enables you to adjust your paddle with more precision. This option is recommended for all the paddle-users who want to customize their PULSE as much as possible. The feather is the degree angle of the paddle blades are off-set to each other.

The weight of your PULSE depends on the types of shaft and system you choose ! Here are some examples of weight :
PULSE 710 / Ergo shaft / 194cm : 1050 gr. / 37 oz
PULSE 650 / Straight shaft / 194cm : 999 gr. / 35,2 oz

Pulse Adjustable
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Pulse Mono
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