Werner Sho-Gun

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419,99 € tax incl.
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River Running
full size blade
foam core

The Sho-Gun is the ultimate creek and river running paddle. The large blade design is balanced to create a clean catch that is immediately powerful and smooth through out the entire stroke. 

Werners largest Performance Core blade design, it is light and buoyant in aerated water. Balanced blade design is smooth and powerful from catch to release. Impact Resistant Kevlar(tm) and a double layer of Dynel(tm) edging adds durability.

Surface Area: 728 cm2
Blade Lenght x Width: 48 x 20 cm
Sizes: 191, 194, 197, 200 cm RH45
Weight for 197 cm Neutral Bent Schaft: 1077 g

Performance core straight - 419,99 euro
Performace core bent - 559,99 euro

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