Liquidlogic Stomper

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GB IT Stomper 80 Stomper 90
Dolzina Length Lunghezza 249 cm 257 cm
Sirina Width Larghezza 65 cm 68 cm
Volumen Volume Volume 303 L 341 L
Odprtina Cockpit Pozzetto 87 x  52 cm 87 x 52 cm
Teza veslaca Wt. range Peso canoista 50-95 kg 77-122 kg
Teza Weight Peso 21 kg 22 kg

The Stomper follows the long lineage of outstanding creek designs at Liquidlogic.
Its beginning and history start here on our home river, the Green. Developing the Stomper began by blending the speed, stability and rolling ability of the Remix Series with the bomber construction, safety, and boofability of the Jefe Series. This combination, coupled with the Stomper's playful semi-planing hull will give you the confidence to maximize your experience on your local run and take you far into your paddling future.

Design Features of the Stomper
Semi-Planing Hull = effortless turning in any situation
Chamfered Edges = carving edges that snap into eddies but don't trip you up
Smooth Transition Rocker Profile = gives the Stomper its speed
Rounded side wall = incredible stability
Crowned Deck = quick and easy surfacing from under water
Big Bow Rocker = get your bow up and over anything
New Seat System = easier access to the stern of the boat for storage
Bad Ass Outfitting = the most comfortable outfitting in the industry
Aircraft grade aluminum security bars
Industry leading Aquatuff plastic

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