Whetman Equipment Krab Stick


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Krab Stick

A very simple rescue tool.

Green Krab Stick fits to the Kong HMS Screwgate
​& DMM HMS Autolock   

Orange Krab Stick fits the Kong Paddle Carabin

It assists to contact in difficult access situations.
It enables a reach contact to be achieved.
​It saves time & reduces risk as the alternative maybe to put someone in the water to make contact.

It could be the element that makes the difference between a successful outcome or having to abandon a rescue.

The Krab Stick simply converts a karabiner into 
a hook by wedging in the gate. On contact the force applied releases the Krab Stick thus closing the gate & securing the contact.

Setting the Krab Stick
To set the Krab Stick place the male end into the recess of the karabiner gate and wedge the smiling end onto the hook of the karabiner with the curved side facing out and the logo side facing inwards. Fix the cord onto the opposite bar of the karabiner and wind in the slack.

1. Opposing Webbing Lines

Connect the karabiner to two opposing Python 5m webbing slings and direct it into position using
​tension of opposing forces - very useful for longer reaches over water and possibly have tension operators from opposing banks.

2. Paddle

Attach the karabiner to the end of a paddle to reach a small distance. Once contact is made the paddle can be pulled away from the karabiner & Python 5m webbing. The webbing is used to offer a low profile against the paddle blade so that the karabiner is flat against the blade.

3. Pole or Tree Branch
Attach the karabiner to the end of a pole using duct tape for an extended reach. The karabiner is connected to 10mm floating rope which is wound round the pole to stop it dragging in the water. Once contact is made the pole can be pulled clear as the tape will give way.

Notice here the use of the HMS autolock which offers a secure contact result with a locked gate.

Useful for DEFRA SRT teams to contact securley.
4. Vertical line from above

Attach the karabiner to a line or Python 5m webbing and reach from above to contact by a simple hook. Useful to contact a canoe or raft wrapped around a central bridge stanchion.

It also has applications for cliff rescue / cave rescue to contact casualties & line, kit recovery.