Liquidlogic Mullet


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You all asked for a fast river runner that could play the eddy lines and seams along the way.

Well here ya' go! The Mullet is all business up front with plenty of rocker, and volume in the bow to boof, ender, and surge up and over obstructions, which also means plenty of foot room for you big ole boys. The low volume stern says ready to party. Squirt, splat, blast, and surf just about any feature as you slice your way down the river. Like it's cousin, the Braaap, the Mullet adopted its hull shape from modern slalom boat design. The kick rocker behind the seat lets the Mullet tilt back for quick pivots and snap carving turns into eddies. Whether you're learning the "oldskool" moves or you already know your way around an eddy line, this boat will become your go to design. For a more in-depth comparison of the Mullet vs. the Braaap, check out the FAQ's tab above.

Length 9' / 274 CM

Width 26.25" / 67 CM

Cockpit lenth 34.5" / 88 CM (CIR: 91")

Cockpit width 20.75" / 53 CM (CIR: 91") 

Weight 45 LBS / 20.4 KG

Rocker bow 12" / 30.5 CM

Rocker stern 8.5" / 21.6 CM

Volume 71 GAL / 269 L

Paddler weight 150-275 LBS / 68-125 KG

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