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IMPACT.Wtr is an ideal versatile paddle. Pleasant from freestyle to down river, The Impact will go with you during all your sessions aimed at the progressive paddler.

The IMPACT.Wtr is a versatile white water paddles, which means that you can use it for any river activities.

The IMPACT.Wtr paddle is only available in standard size

The IMPACT.Wtr blades are are made from a fibreglass material.

We suggest for the IMPACT.Wtr 45° right or left angle, according to your preferences.

Yes, the IMPACT.Wtr is delivered with an oval shaft
IMPACT.Wtr paddle is only available is straight ?berglass carbon shaft.

IMPACT.Wtr paddle is only available in fix length : This option means that you have no adjusting system on your Impact. The length is fixed.

IMPACT.Wtr paddle is available from 180 to 210cm (angle :45° Right or Left).

The weight of your IMPACT.Wtr (197 cm ) will be around 1100 gr.

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