Three Waves nose clip


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Why the three waves nose clip ...?

Perfect fit and high wearing comfort combined with quality materials and a stylish appearance. three waves produced in Franconia / Germany nose clips with high quality standards which leave neither the torrential still play the role or spot training in the lurch.

... the three waves nose clip stays where it belongs ... on the nose!
Product Details:
o Double lacquered flexible metal bracket for individual adjustment to the nose
o Molded from high-quality silicone pads by dermatologically harmless silicone for very long life with application-specific use
o Our use of silicone is hydrophobic, or water-repellent and thus displaces the water film between the silicone pad and skin, resulting in a perfect fit of our terminals on the water and to wear with his middle Shore hardness is soft and comfortable.
o The silicone pads on the nose contact surfaces are roughened and equipped with mini suction cups, which contributes in addition to the properties of the silicone hydrophopen to further increase liability.
o Very comfortable to wear even over several hours by anatomically shaped silicone pads.
o Tear-resistant and high, about 24 cm long polyester lanyard for secure attachment
o Can be put on and adjust with one hand
o Ideal for whitewater rodeo, Eskimo animals, kayak polo, sea kayaking, etc.
o Absolutely impervious to salt water, chlorine, perspiration
o three waves nose clips are handmade in Franconia / Germany.
o Only. 6.5 grams easily

The nose clips are available in purple, orange, lime-green and anthracite

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