Tahe Marine Reval Mini LC PE


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The Reval Mini LC PE model was introduced for the 2012 season, due to the huge success of the composite version. The Reval Mini LC paddling kayak was designed keeping in mind a higher volume version than the regular one. Although it ended up with a lot of similarities to the Reval Mini, it is still a slightly different kayak. With two cm wider hull and more volume, this kayak is definitely suitable for a medium sized paddler, who wants to enjoy a roomier cockpit area, whilst paddling. The LC cockpit with thighbraces provides a much easier entry and good support. The hull is designed with rocker and upswept bow and stern. The initial stability of the Reval Mini LC is higher than on the regular version providing a secure feeling.

The Reval series is for paddlers who want a British style kayak. These boats are slighty wider in relation to their length and while they are low profile, they have a higher foredeck. The Hulls are designed with more rocker and their upswept bows and sterns designed to handle more challenging sea conditions. The Reval series kayaks are equipped with retractable skeg or retractable skeg/rudder option. All these kayaks can handle high wind conditions and rough waters. Check out also our other Reval series kayaks and find your boat.


490 cm (16’1’’)


54 cm (21¼”)


Approx. 120 kg (265 Ibs)


80x42 cm (31½”x16½”)


PE: 25-27 kg (55-59 lbs)


Front: round hatch 24 cm (10’’)
Day-hatch: 15 cm (6’’)
Rear: oval hatch 44x26 cm (17”x10¼’’)

Retractable skeg
Retractable skeg + rudder


PE 3 LAYER SKEG: 1.154,00

PE 3 LAYER RS: 1.202,00

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